Working part-time = hardly working?

What, you’re working part-time? Are you sick? Do you have a kid? And what do you do with all that free time?

Yes, those are the exact questions I got asked by several people already when they heard I work ‘only’ part-time in my corporate job. I have never really shared this decision with you guys and neither have I updated you on how my life feels now. Am I getting bored? Do I finally have time to tackle all these To-Do’s that were in my head constantly? Am I happy? What are my plans for the future? Let’s look at my part-time corporate girl self: six months in.

When and why did I even go part-time

Reducing my corporate job to part-time is something I have been thinking about for months over and over again. I have been discussing it with my husband, my family and friends. I have been reading about it. I have been doing pro & con lists. But somehow I always managed to postpone those thoughts to a ‘someday maybe’. Even though I always had 100 % support for this decision by my closest circle and above all my hubs. And even though the Pro’s in my lists most times outweighed the Con’s. It’s funny how your mind starts playing tricks on you when you’re considering changing your life significantly. Suddenly all those doubtful thoughts pop up and if you’re not paying attention all your plans and desires will turn into distant memories of what you’ve once dreamt of.

I don’t know how this happened or what event exactly changed my mindset but one day I just walked into the office and thought ‘I will just go for it’. The words just literally fell out of my mouth: I WANT TO WORK PART-TIME. It was one of those situations when you have the feeling of watching yourself from the side and man, I felt like giving myself a tap on the shoulder!

My motives to go part-time were multi-layered but they all hinted at the same reason: with doing my 9-5 job 5 days a week, running my blog and socials, planning a wedding and somehow trying to have a healthy relationship and social life I was close to losing it. Oftentimes I felt like I had lost the connection to reality and the feeling of time. I was constantly stressed, constantly on the run and never had the feeling of being enough. I wasn’t able to calm down anymore and I was struggling to understand what I really enjoy in life. Deep inside I started to realize that I need a tremendous change to keep my sanity and really enjoy my life again.

What am I doing with ‘all this time’

One thing I had to realize about adult-hood is that you will never have enough time. Look around you: everyone in our age is stressed. Everyone feels like they are having too much on their plate. No one will tell you that they have an overflow of time at their hand.

It’s the same with me working part-time now. The first weekday I woke up and did not have to go to the office I literally danced through our flat because I felt so free. That freedom of deciding how to spend your time fully by yourself is an amazing source of happiness and inspiration for me. However, since then I did not have a ‘non-busy’ day. I am simply that kind of person who can hardly sit still and comes up with new ideas and tasks by the hour: the more time I have at my own disposal, the more I tend to fill it with work. Creative and satisfying work that fulfils me – but still work.

However, since working part-time I have always been trying to remind myself why I made this decision and what I want to achieve: PIECE OF MIND. BALANCE. HAPPINESS.

Since I have this bit of extra time I got much better at granting myself conscious me-time. I have the freedom to simply spend a relaxed date night with my love and BE THERE. I socialize and connect with people much more often. I take the time to read a book without feeling guilty. One of the most astonishing changes that I’ve noticed is that I suddenly started enjoying things again that I used to completely dislike. It is somewhat embarrassing to admit but I have gone through so many situations of spending time with my family or meeting a friend for coffee and not enjoying it because my thoughts were elsewhere and I felt like I am wasting time that I could use for my To-Do’s. I am beyond happy that I got rid of this feeling and just being in the moment is something I get better in every day.

The funny thing is that now that I have more time for non-work related activities and my creative juices are flowing better than ever. Plus, I am happier and much more balanced than I have been during the last years.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Going part-time has told me one essential life lesson: if you want to do something, if you want to change your life in some way, the opinions of others don’t matter – solely your feelings do. Don’t allow the judgement of others to play a part in your life – you don’t need that negative energy holding you back. Say goodbye to the thought that not doing something you want to please others will make them thank you later: IT WON’T. Finding your inner piece and happiness in life is about mastering the art of doing what you want and feeling good about it.

How long will I work part-time? Will I return to a full-time contract at some point? Or will I do something completely different with my life? Honestly, I don’t have a plan yet but I don’t stress myself about it. I have trust in good things coming my way if I am open minded and allow them to. And I will always listen to my inner voice telling me what I really want to do in my life and not letting others interfere. XX Jecky



  1. Julie
    October 30, 2018 / 11:21 am

    So schön das zu lesen, liebe Jecky! Ich denke auch, dass man nicht immer einen 100%igen Plan braucht – man merkt meistens recht schnell, was einen wirklich glücklich macht und ausfüllt 🙂
    Ich werde mich nächstes Jahr voll in die Selbstständigkeit stürzen und bin schon sehr gespannt, ob es wirklich das ist, was ich mir immer gewünscht habe. Ich hoffe es <3 und wünsche die ganz viel Erfolg für deine Zukunft!

  2. October 30, 2018 / 5:57 pm

    Liebe Jecky,
    ich finde deine Entscheidung total bewundernswert. Nicht viele trauen sich das, obwohl es so unglaublich wichtig ist, dass wir auf uns achten und für eine Work-Life-Balance sorgen, die für UNS richtig ist. Egal was andere Leute dazu sagen.
    Ich überlege selbst gerade, ob ich im nächsten Jahr in Teilzeit gehen soll. Hauptsächlich aus dem Grund, dass ich mich dann mehr um meine Herzensprojekte kümmern kann. Ich bin gespannt, was sich da umsetzen lässt 🙂

    Liebe Grüße & einen schönen Abend

  3. November 5, 2018 / 7:52 am

    The hardest part in doing something new is starting. It’s a leap of faith, and I totally agree with you dear. At the end of the day, it your feelings and thoughts that matter. So listen closely to your heart. This is such a lovely read, thanks for sharing dear!

    Jessica |

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