Your girl is social media fatiguée

Nope, this isn’t just another Instagram complaint post, so you can keep on reading 😉 While the days got shorter, the light got gloomier and some people might have developed autumn depression symptoms: I found myself in a stage that I first didn’t know how to categorize. After looking at it for some days, I think I’ve found the right words for it. I am not angry or frustrated with Instagram. I somehow ended up caring a little bit less about it every day until scrolling through the app felt just like ‘meh’. I am social media fatiguée.

How did this happen? Ever since I signed up on Instagram around 4 years ago the app was always overflowing me with excitement. I was obsessed with rigorously putting together my feed and scrolling through the pictures of others, in my most active times I used to check the app every hour and it somewhat fulfilled me. Instagram inspired me. It gave me drive.

So how did we go from this obsessive love-affair to ‘I somehow don’t care about you so much anymore’? As you might know, I am currently spending some sick leave at home and those are the days when we usually seek for distraction and kill our miserable time on social media, right? However, with every time I opened the app, with every scroll and every tap it just kept on losing its magic. Now one could argue that I am just another frustrated creator who feels like her ‘art’ is not getting enough praise from Insta’s algorithm. But honestly speaking, Instagram is currently treating me quite fine when it comes to visibility and growth. It’s just that I currently can’t help but attach the attribute MEANINGLESS to the app.

I was using Instagram so repetitively and without questioning it. I somehow never asked myself: What is the point? And now that I do, I am lacking in answers. Because once the app loses its magic to you and you break it down in its bits and pieces it can feel like being bombarded with other peoples lives and their excessive consumption. And that feels loud, stressful and exhausting.

Plus, I feel like I’m not the only one seeing it that way. Some of my favorite Instagram girls, real goal-getters and women I often looked up to start staying away from the app. I see them not posting for three days in a row – Instagram algorithm sin no. 1 as we all know – or posting a plain white image telling their followers that they take ‘a day off’ from the app. Why do we feel like taking a day off from something that used to make us all excited and happy and WAS actually planned to fill our leisure time?

Maybe, it’s once more not really about the app and what it ‘does’ to us. Maybe it’s about ourselves solely, about how and what we use Instagram for. About how we consume it. Because when we honestly look at it, our Instagram consumption those last years is quite similar to finishing off those last holiday cookies: you somehow got used to just stuffing them in, you know you were all excited and loved them in the beginning, but now it’s just a nasty habit. But the cookies are still there, so why not just shuffle them in, right? That type of consumption is excessive. Unconscious. It makes us lose the appreciation for something we once loved.

So could it be that the key to rediscovering fun on Insta is just within us? What if we refocused on why we joined the app in the first place? Our love for beautiful visuals. For photos that we consciously looked at and that we cherished. For meeting like-minded people that joined on your weirdnesses and eventually became real friends. Instagram used to be my cozy, positive and pretty portal to the whole world and before we become tired of it for good, let’s try to change our way of consuming it. So, instead of randomly scrolling through our feed for hours (boring!) let’s explore the inspiration Instagram has to offer HOW we really want it and only WHEN we really want it. XX Jecky



  1. November 14, 2018 / 11:20 pm

    Completely agree here! I’m an account that had such a bad side effect from the algorithm change, now I’m okay again. Regardless of that, I feel the same towards instagram.
    Nowadays to get popular on instagram it takes a looooot of time…or a bot and because of how much time it takes naturally, so many people have turned to bots and I think that’s where things become meaningless…because people aren’t present. I find so often people get confused when I write them a genuine comment that’s a bit lengthy and maybe asks for details on their day or experience in the picture they posted. They are so use to the generic bot comments like “nice” “great photo” “love this!”. People on insta nowadays don’t want convo or to connect or make friends. Everyone just wants to be loved. Everyone wants to be followed without following…and for me that’s the biggest turn off! But I think I fall into that last category too. I follow significantly less amount of people that follow me! So maybe we’re all hypocrites in some ways!

    I’m definitely someone who needs offline time, frequently, so I’ve started posting every second day. I think balance is key, as a blogger too, instagram sometimes feels like chore or like work and I think that’s where it loses it’s charm. Maybe we need to take a break and rediscover the fun again. That’s what I’m trying to do. Yes growth has taken a hit, but I would say I’m happier 🙂

    The Hidden Thimble

  2. November 16, 2018 / 8:51 am

    This is so on point dear, and I couldn’t agree more. Social media, IG in particular, can be quite overwhelming. Seeing people live perfect lives, and looking perfect can sometimes make you want to question yourself. Suddenly, you want to compete, so you can get more likes and attention. And this becomes an addiction. This is the biggest problem, and it’s a cycle that can trap people on their smartphones.

    So yes. If you dont want to fall to that trap, it’s good to be mindful on how you’re using social media. Anyway, thanks for the insightful read dear!

    Jessica |

  3. November 26, 2018 / 12:22 pm

    Guten Morgen!! Wirklich sehr gut auf den Punkt gebracht. So langsam wird man müde und zuviel Zeit vor den Social Media Accounts macht auch nicht wirklich glücklich!

    Beste Grüße aus Hamburg


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