Getting ready: I am every service provider’s dream

Today’s wedding blog post is about a topic that might seem minor to others but was amongst the most important for me: finding a stylist for our big day. Unfortunately, before I found the absolute right one – Brigitte Kelemen – I had to deal with a bit of bad luck. But with every experience you learn something, right? So let me share my learnings on how to find your perfect wedding stylist with you girls.

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Your girl is social media fatiguée

Nope, this isn’t just another Instagram complaint post, so you can keep on reading 😉 While the days got shorter, the light got gloomier and some people might have developed autumn depression symptoms: I found myself in a stage that I first didn’t know how to categorize. After looking at it for some days, I think I’ve found the right words for it. I am not angry or frustrated with Instagram. I somehow ended up caring a little bit less about it every day until scrolling through the app felt just like ‘meh’. I am social media fatiguée.

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Motivation Monday

Working part-time = hardly working?

What, you’re working part-time? Are you sick? Do you have a kid? And what do you do with all that free time?

Yes, those are the exact questions I got asked by several people already when they heard I work ‘only’ part-time in my corporate job. I have never really shared this decision with you guys and neither have I updated you on how my life feels now. Am I getting bored? Do I finally have time to tackle all these To-Do’s that were in my head constantly? Am I happy? What are my plans for the future? Let’s look at my part-time corporate girl self: six months in.

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Thinking about


Embracing Fall w/ CLUSE

Let me be quite honest with you – I am not one of the many bloggers who mention how much fall is their favorite season in every Instagram caption. Sure, as an ‘into-fashion’ kind of girl I do appreciate the increased outfit possibilities (helloo, layering!!) but I am 100 % a summer child and I am usually having a hard time accepting the transition from this sunny warm season into fall. However, when CLUSE asked me to spend a – to me – perfect autumn day with their new La Garconne Butterscotch watch I totally accepted the challenge. Its result? Today’s blogpost including a new favorite autumn-ish breakfast, photo footage from our cutest local coffee shop and foolproof tips on how to get REALLY cozy.

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Our civil wedding

Some people say the greatest magic in life happens when you don’t have expectations. I’m definitely the opposite of a person without expectations – you know, I’m more the ‘has a list for everything and every minute of the day scheduled’-kind of girl. So it got me really wondering how I of all people managed to have no expectations of our civil wedding – an event that turned out to be one of the most beautiful and magical days of my life so far. Yet, when during New Years Eve, when we were setting everything up for that day, I experienced some major setbacks that I never shared with you even though they brought me to tears for weeks. But let’s start from the beginning…

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Ibiza 2018: How it really is to travel with 2 bloggers & our stay at Barcelò Portinatx

Werbung / Ad

So guys, I’ve eventually made it out of our post-wedding love bubble – well not completely, but at least for a short moment 😉 – to write this post that I’ve been owing you for some weeks now: Our time on Ibiza!

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